Yellowstone – Natural Wildlife Paradise

Yellowstone - Natural Wildlife Paradise

Yellowstone National Park is USA first national park and first national park in the world. From 1872 Yellowstone is under protection of USA government. Main part of Yellowstone is in Wyoming but he also takes parts from Montana and Idaho. 11 000 years Native Americans made population in Yellowstone until beginning of first organized tour in early 19th century. First American expedition passed through west part of USA-Lewis and Clark Expedition. More of that information`s you can see on Wikipedia.

Yellowstone National Park is composed with geysers, rivers, lakes, wildlife habitat, mountain ranges, canyons and the high-altitude Yellowstone Lake. Hundreds of species of birds, reptiles, fishes and mammals you can find in this area. All of them have been documented and some of them are either threatened or endangered.

Here in Yellowstone you can have numerous activities and adventures. You can enjoy alone or with your friends or family. Yellowstone has something for all types and all age people. You can organize your time through hiking, wildlife viewing, camping, boating, cross country skiing and snowshoeing, horseback riding, wagon rides, ranger-led activities, snowmobiles and snow coaches, bicycling, fishing and picnicking. Sometimes is really tough to make decision what to do.

Yellowstone – untouched nature and wildlife

Grand Canyon of the Yellowstone is amazing site to see from all possible angles. With pink rocks, green river down, and the trees around is perfect beautiful picture. Site that will inspire you and you can feel the force of the Upper Waterfalls or Lower Waterfalls. There are numerous waterfalls in this national park that you can see and visit like: Firehole Waterfalls, Mammoth Hot Springs Waterfalls, Tower Waterfalls, Union Waterfalls etc. I leave that for you to choose. Lamar Valley will offer to you the best wildlife viewing in USA. A lot of bison`s, wolves, grizzlies, coyote, elk, moose, eagle and much more you will see there. It can be also just one driving with stop through the Lamar Valley.

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All of these places and others that I will speak about is perfect places to take photography. Grand Prismatic Spring will show to you amazing watches the shadow form seeing the steam rise up of it. The blue waters and algae are unbelievable in this area. Amazing places to visit are Norris Geyser Basin, Upper Geyser Basin, Lower Geyser Basin and West Thumb Geyser Basin. Don`t forget to read about Yellowstone Caldera that is supervolcano and volcanic caldera located in Yellowstone.

Old Faithful Geyser is the most spectacular geyser from all of them. In visitor center you will know exactly the time when Old guy will appear. Inside you have stores and excellent restaurant where you can enjoy with your family. This is large and new looking facility with helpful staff and excellent goodies and materials in gift shop. Hayden Valley is place that was once filled with water of Yellowstone Lake. As you drive on road of this beautiful valley you can see from both side’s nature and wildlife. Don`t be surprised if you see waterfowl and ducks, pelicans and Canadian geese lounging near Yellowstone River or swimming inside. And one attraction from old days is fishing on Fishing Bridge on Yellowstone Lake.

Mammoth Hot Springs for sure is one of the biggest attractions in Yellowstone. It`s a place with a lot of levels of pools that that are made from milky mineral and hot water. Places to see all this natural beauties and wildlife are endless. Definitely Yellowstone is perfect place to relax and enjoy your time with your family. My advice is first to read about Yellowstone National Park and watch pictures and videos. After that carefully make plan about your holiday in Yellowstone. Visit Travel Practical Tips, pack yourself sit in the car and go to enjoy in amazing beauties of Yellowstone. I believe that after you see and feel all that natural paradise maybe you will think if you like to go back in city life. If you like you can visit National Park Service and Nusa Penida sites for more information`s.

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