A Holiday On The Water In Bodrum

A Holiday On The Water In Bodrum

As someone who is passionate about spending time on the water, this long winter has made you stir crazy.  So with signs of a break in the weather and a return to warmer days within sight, the time to start thinking about planning a holiday to a envy-inducing location by the sea is nigh.

There are many convincing options out there, but after an evening of research, the idea of planning your holidays to Turkey has firmly lodged itself within your brain, with Bodrum standing out head and shoulders above everywhere else. The picture perfect waters off this destination have you daydreaming, but to sell your equally-obsessed family and friends on this idea, you need more detailed information on what this resort city has to offer.

In this blog post, we will talk about different water sports and experiences that one can engage in off shore on one of the most beautiful coastal areas on Earth.


With the wind kicking up to a consistent and breezy clip on most days in certain areas throughout the Bodrum area, sports like windsurfing are very popular with locals and foreign tourists alike. Kadikalesi is the best place for those looking to get started, as the wind in the morning is stiff enough to get you going, but not wild enough to produce intimidating waves that proliferate in the afternoons. Fener Beach is where the pros will want to go, as the position of the island of Kos and the mainland conspires to kick up some really gnarly surf about 200 metres offshore.

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The outstandingly clear water and a long season of diving in tepid to warm waters make the Bodrum area an ideal place for divers on holiday to explore the world beneath the waves. With options for newbies and experts alike, those that descend here will be able to comb over lively reefs containing sea life with multitudes of fish, moray eels, and octopi among others.  Additionally, there is also ship and even plane wrecks on the ocean floor that more experienced divers can discover.

Boat Tours

If your idea of a holiday on the water involves lounging rather than adrenaline-pumping action, then going on a boat tour to nearby beaches and islands will likely be something that you’d enjoy.  With prices for some operators starting at an unreal £12, you will be taken to paradise bays, coves and beaches where snorkeling, swimming, and a provided lunch will be in order.  Those looking to touch two continents in one day can take a day trip to the Greek island of Kos that lies within sight of Bodrum, allowing you to sample Greek culture and food for a day before heading back to your resort later in the day.

Play in the waves in Bodrum this summer

With a plethora of options for those that enjoy being submerged in a lukewarm sea on their summer holiday, Bodrum should be a frontline contender for your plans this year. With many great times to be had here, we think that you’ll have a memorable holiday splashing amidst the turquoise waters of this amazing travel destination.

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