Tips For Packing A Very Full Vehicle

Tips For Packing A Very Full Vehicle

Perhaps you are moving house and you want to fit as much stuff in your car as possible so that you can take fewer trips to your new home? Or maybe you are going on a big road trip and you want to be able to bring everything you need along with you? There are some situations when you want to pack as much stuff as possible into your car, so it is important to do it correctly so that everything is packed well and arrives safely.

Here are some helpful tips that you can keep in mind when you are packing a very full vehicle:

Clean Out Anything Not Needed First

Start by cleaning out the interior and the trunk and get rid of anything that is not needed on this trip. If you often have a lot of random items in your car, or if you haven’t fully unpacked from your last trip, these items will be taking away space that could be used for the other items that you need.

Pack in Bags Rather Than Boxes

You will be able to fit more stuff into your car if you pack with garbage bags or fabric bags rather than boxes. A box will take up a specific amount of room, but a bag of items can be squished into a smaller space. Of course, there are some fragile things that will need to be packed in a box with padding around them, but you can try to use bags whenever possible. Sometimes you can even get away with wrapping fragile items in clothes and towels, which does double duty if you need to transport the clothes and towels anyway.

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Try An Overhead Carrier

A great strategy for packing more into your car is to use an overhead carrier, which is a great invention for those times when you need to bring a lot with you on a road trip. They will allow you to store some of your cargo safely and easily, while making sure that it is secure from the weather. Take the time and look around so that you can find a rack and carrier that is ideal for your vehicle and the size of your move.

Vacuum Storage Bags Save Space

When you are packing items that take up a lot of room, such as clothing and bedding, using vacuum storage bags can be a great solution for fitting into a tight space. They are quite inexpensive and they are capable of shrinking down the size of large and bulky items so that they will fit into cubby holes and between boxes.

Protect Your Car’s Interior

When you are packing items that might leak or spill, or items with sharp corners that might scratch or rip your car’s upholstery, think about how you will protect the interior of the car. It is a good idea to use car boot liners, which are designed to protect the interior of your car from any spills and scratches. There are specific car boot liners that are customised to particular makes and models of car, such as VW boot liners, Volvo Boot Liners and Range Rover Boot Liners. Choose the style that is customised to your vehicle, so that it will fit perfectly and offer the best possible protection for your boot.

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Make the Most of Every Space

When you are packing your car, look into how you can use the hidden spaces within the vehicle, such as the spot under the front seats and the wheel wells. Small items can be stored at the feet of the passengers, but make sure that they are comfortable for a long journey.

Make Sure You Can Reach Easily Accessible Items

When you are packing your vehicle, make sure that anything you will need throughout the trip is located within reachable distance. This might be your wallet, your snacks, your phone charger and other necessary items. If you pack them in a bag beneath everything else, you will have to unpack the entire vehicle to get them if you need them!

These are just a few important tips to keep in mind if you are packing a very full vehicle. It can be like playing a life sized game of Tetris, so be patient and think strategically and you will be sure to fit everything in.

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