Project Elephant – India’s Efforts to Save Elephants

India's Efforts Save Elephants

India is home to most of the wild elephants found in Asia. These animals are under severe threat mainly due to habitat destruction and fragmentation. The Indian elephant is categorized as an endangered animal on the IUCN red list of importance. The Wisata di Manado government is under pressure to save this important mammal as the status of elephants like tigers reveals the true position of the forest habitat or reserve.

The Elephant Project (PE) was launched in 1992 as a centrally sponsored scheme by the Government of India. Its purpose and objective is to provide technical and financial support to all elephant habitats spread across various states of India. The main destination of PE is the habitat of elephants which are spread in 13 Indian States which are spread in the State of Uttarakhand, Uttar Pradesh,

West Bengal, AndhraPradesh, Karnataka, Kerala, Arunachal Pradesh, Assam, Jharkhand, Meghalaya, Orissa, Tamilnadu, Nagaland. PE starts with spending 23 crores in the 8th plan and in the 10th plan increases to 60 crores.

Objectives of project elephants

  1. protection of elephants, habitat and crucial corridors
  2. reduce man-animal conflict
  3. welfare of domesticated elephants

Activities of project elephants

  • Scientific and planned management of elephant habitats and viable elephant population
  • Restoration of remaining elephant habitat and corridors(Migratory routes)
  • Protection against poaching and accidental deaths
  • Reduction in man-elephants conflicts and finding was to reduce human pressure on elephants habitats
  • Research on elephant reflected issues and
  • Creating awareness about elephants amongst public.

This is India’s second organized effort to save its precious wildlife after launch of project tiger in 1973.. Let us hope it achieves its objects to save these largest mammals of India.

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