5 Foolproof Tips for Squirrel Hunting No One Told You

5 Foolproof Tips for Squirrel Hunting No One Told You

If you are a hunting enthusiast, it is most likely that you started with small game. Squirrels are always the perfect starting point in the learning curve and for many good reasons. These cheeky critters are intelligent enough and fooling them into your rifle’s sight is not an easy task. This makes your hunt lots of fun.

There has been growing concern over the rising squirrel population and hunting them has been proposed in various states as the best option. A CBS News report has highlighted the chaos these animals can cause while another study published in the Washington Post has pointed to the costly power and electronic disruptions caused by squirrels. The growing squirrel population has already become a great concern for fruit farmers in New Mexico, Vermont, Indiana, Ohio and New York.

Well, if you want to take part in controlling their population while also honing your skills, it is time to learn a few unusual hunting tips. Here you go:


Whether you are a beginner or an old hand at hunting, you appreciate the importance of patience. If you want to successfully outwit a squirrel, make sure you are even more still than it gets on spotting a predator. Most beginners stay for a few minutes in one spot and continue scouting while a few more minutes would have given them a perfect shot.

Hone Your Shooting

If you have just picked your dad’s hunting rifle and you want to enjoy squirrel hunting, you are in for a long run. Unlike large deer which you can easily shoot after spotting, these critters are very agile and mostly you might have to use a shot gun to shoot them as they run. You must take intense rifle training before the season starts. This is the only way you are going to improve as you specialize on these smaller animals.

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The Feeding Sound Trick

If you have been in a spot that should be productive without any success, there is the likelihood that you have alerted the critters. These wary animals have an inclination to stay perfectly still when they suspect a predator is around. The restless hand trick is one of the most creative tips for squirrel hunting these cheeky animals; put your hand in the litter and imitate a feeding squirrel by crushing some leaves. All the other squirrels will start feeding and it is your time to make a move.

The Spotting and Stalking Game

As a beginner, you might have a hard time getting your first kill and the reason is obvious; you are always getting spotted by these tricky animals. To perfect your game, learn to camouflage yourself and once you spot a squirrel, follow its trail until it is perfectly in your sight. Most beginners ruin their hunt by moving constantly instead of stalking from one spot.

Hunting in the Mountains

The wind is a great asset to any hunter and if you really want to enjoy squirrel hunting, try hilly areas when winds are unfavorable. With more scouting, you will find calmer areas deeper in the woods where squirrels have moved away from the wind.

Well, you now have some ideas about what you haven’t been doing right. Get down to work now and perfect your hunting game.

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