Florida Keys To Experience: Besides Key West

Florida Keys To Experience: Besides Key West

Florida is a wonderful place to go within America when you want to escape the cold and snow that plagues the Northern tier of states during the winter months, as the southerly latitudes and warm currents that bless this sandy peninsula keep temperatures throughout much of state well above freezing.

Unfortunately, many other folks have had the same idea as you over the years, and many of them have emigrated there after several visits, leading to an increasing urbanization trend throughout many popular locales.

There are still idyllic getaways out there though, and many of those places can be found in the Florida Keys.  This swath of sandy cays has inspired the imaginations of warm weather lovers over the years, and while Key West has shown signs of getting built out in the same fashion as places like Greater Miami and Tampa, most of the other keys along the way have retained much of their charm, presenting the opportunity to have the tropical American road trip of a lifetime.

Let us help you get started in your planning by naming three specific keys that should definitely find a place on your itinerary, as their attractions and natural assets appeal to the majority of those seeking a serene, warm hideaway from the modern world…

1. Key Largo

Home to the third longest coral reef on Earth, the name of the game here is snorkeling and diving amongst the only living coral reef in the contiguous United States. Situated within easy striking distance of Greater Miami, it is also the handiest place in the Keys to abscond to, as it takes a little over an hour at standard highway speeds (excluding traffic in the city).

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2. Islamorada

Want to get out into the subtropical Atlantic/Caribbean and snag yourself a Barracuda? Then you could do much worse than going to Islamorada, as it has been lauded to be one of the best sport fishing destinations in America. A wide variety of charter companies can be found in town here, but if you’d rather play with marine life than hunt it for food, than the Theatre of the Sea allows you to swim amongst dolphins, manta rays and sea lions in their lagoon.

3. Big Pine Key

Chasing the beach of your dreams within the continental US? There’s a good chance that you’ll find it in the Big Pine Key area. While the beaches themselves are not located on Big Pine Key itself, Bahia Honda Key just to the east has some truly stunning ones. On Big Pine itself, diminutive key deer (the size of dogs) proliferate, and those looking to get out on the water will have ample opportunity to paddle a kayak around its mangrove forests, a habitat containing many unique species of wildlife.

There’s A Florida Key With Your Name On It

Stretching in a 112 mile long arch out into the Caribbean Sea, there are countless keys (some road accessible and inhabited, others are offshore and not easily reachable) out there waiting to be discovered.  Making the first car trip will allow you to start on the road to finding your personal paradise!

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