For A Change of Pace, Companies Offer Some Unique Holiday Opportunities

For A Change of Pace, Companies Offer Some Unique Holiday Opportunities

Taking our yearly holiday is something most of us look forward to. After all, there is a wide selection of fun and unique things to do. From tanning at the beach to hiking in the mountains, we all look forward to some down time so we can take a break from our usually hectic lives. These days, there are companies that provide bigger and better holiday options, including some pretty unique opportunities for both individuals and families. This includes walking holidays that include tour guides if requested, a map of places to visit and a chance to experience some of the most beautiful locations found anywhere in the world. Best of all, companies that offer these holidays offer them at reasonable prices, and make it very simple to sign up for the trips.

What Is So Special About a Walking Holiday?

Walking holidays are offered in various places around the globe, including Greece, England, Germany, Italy, Spain, Switzerland and many others. They have specific starting places but generally give you a lot of time to walk or hike from Point A to Point B. They give you a map that includes suggested routes and places to stop along the way, and will even take your luggage to your next stopping point’s hotel so that all you need to do each day is walk and enjoy the view!

Self-guided hiking and walking tours offer a chance to get some exercise, enjoy the fresh air of the outdoors, and enjoy many amenities along the way, including tourist attractions, fine dining, wineries and much more. Walking holidays in Greece allow you to see some unique attractions you will not find anywhere else in the world, such as the Cyclades Islands, Crete, Athens and more. Whether you want to relax and enjoy the beautiful scenery, or view the architecture that is specific to the area, these walking holidays allow you to take advantage of the majesty of Greece.

The Old versus the New

Greece is an old country and offers architecture and natural surroundings that look much like they did centuries ago. However, when you schedule a walking tour of the area, you also get to enjoy some of the newer and more unique aspects of the country. This includes swimming along secluded beaches, hiking in the mountains near the Libyan Sea and visiting areas of undisturbed natural wilderness. These trips also include stays at spacious hotels with balconies, as well as visits to fine diners and restaurants.

One of the best things about these tours is that the prices include everything, even the hotel rooms throughout the tour, ferry tickets and all transfers needed for the trip. Tours can last seven days or longer and offer a unique way to enjoy your holiday. Companies that offer these tours have extensive websites that include full-colour photographs of each location, to whet your appetite for more information. Before you spend another holiday doing the same thing you did last year, consider a fun and interesting walking tour in one of the many countries offered by these companies.

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