Bright Accommodation

Bright Accommodation

Finding great accommodation in Bright is not difficult if you know where to look and there are some great options online. However when staying somewhere with such great weather and scenery, why not stay somewhere that feels a bit ‘outdoorsy’ as well and closer to nature? There are many options here – why not stay in a cabin that will make you feel like you’re a lumberjack or in a fairly tale? Or why don’t you try camping in caravans or in a tent? This is a great way to make yourself feel closer to nature and to have a great holiday. We’ll look at the benefits of each…


When you camp you have to pay a lot less because you simply need less space. This way you are able to enjoy really being outdoors, getting lots of fresh air, hearing the sound of rain pattering on the top of the tent if it should rain, playing games, cooking and feeling like you’re surviving out in nature. At the same time camping tests your skills and is a lot of fun as a challenge and as a learning/bonding experience. Your family will all enjoy sharing stories around the camp fire and playing football and it’s an experience that’s sure to bring you closer together.


Staying in a campervan or a caravan is the closest thing to staying in a tent, except it gives you more facilities, more warmth and generally better conditions to enjoy. Now you won’t need to worry should it start to rain, and at the same time you can feel much warmer without having to huddle around a fire. At the same time though it’s still a very cosy experience that can keep you all close and it means you’ll be outside enjoying the weather and the activities that Bright has to offer rather than just huddling indoors which is the risk with a real hotel.


Staying in cabins is perhaps the most comfortable option of the three, but it still has the feeling of being a part of the local surroundings, of getting to enjoy being in nature and of the excitement that comes from staying somewhere a bit different from your standard hotel. This way you can relax in the warm while it’s colder and harsher outside and thus enjoy the feeling of being sheltered and calm. If you have a fireplace then it will feel like a real little getaway, lying on a rug by the fire with some drinks in hand. Alternatively you can just enjoy the feeling of waking up in the morning and going to the window to be greeted by the bright sun.

There are lots of things you can bring to further enjoy the feeling of staying in any of these types of accommodation. For instance bring a portable barbeque and enjoy a great outdoors meal, or bring a portable gas stove (especially if you are going to be camping) and then cook yourself up some noodles. Bringing balls and other outdoor games is also a great idea, or if you’re staying in the cabin why not bring some board games and other activities.

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