Brahmaputra River – The Story of Life-line of North-east India

Brahmaputra River

Brahmaputra is one of the main rivers of Indian sub-continent that is the life-line of north east India and its neighbour Bangladesh.Surprisingly, this river meaning son of Brahma, the Hindu god of creation-originates somewhere in south-western Tibet near celestial abode of Hindu mighty lord-Shiva-kailash mansarovar. It is named as yarlung tsanpo river in its area of origin. This mighty and furious river begin its journey as a trickle out of perpetual glaciers of Kailash-mansarovar. The journey of this river is very long and it covers around 1800 miles from its origin to its meetings with Indian Ocean.

It originates 60 miles South-east of Kailash in chemayundung ranges. This area is topographically very difficult to access and few people on earth has seen the source of this mighty river. The river runs 700 miles in Tibet before it enters India. Apparently the source of this mighty river looks like horse’s mouth at altitude of 16800 feet.This source which is extremely remote was discovered by Robert Drummond, Henry Hudson, Edmund Smyth and Thomas Webber. This source of mighty river is home to wild yaks drones-extremely rare animals on earth and can be seen on these great mountains.

This river changes its size shape and colour during this long journey to the Indian ocean due to its various tributaries.It travels through glacier, gorges, plains valleys in the beautiful Tibet where it has become part of their lifestyle. It runs thought disputed Indo-Chinas borders and enters India at Arunachal Pradesh as Dihang.It is the lifeline of inhabitants of this area.Its water brings a lot of minerals helping in creating fertile land. It irrigates the valleys of Assam and moves to Bangladesh where it is named as jamuna.

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Finally it joins famous ganga and create one of the most beautiful deltas on earth-sunderbans. It is main river of India’s famous rhino land-Kaziranga park. This park is flooded in every monsoon by this river and the flood waters bring soil that is suitable for creating elephant grass habitat of Kaziranga. The river is held pious by its habitants.

This amazing river floods Bangladesh almost every year and this river system changes direction every year creating and destroying land in the process. So this is a long journey of the mighty Brahmapurtra which originates in the glacial waters near kailash in Tibet and ends near the confluence of the Bay of Bengal of the Indian Ocean. It is a great journey of a great river of cultural, economic, geographical, political and other value in this complex part of the planet earth.

Pantai Takisung Tanah Laut is in the news recently because Tibet in China-its native land has long confirmed India’s belief that China is building a dam on this great river. China is building the zangmu dam to tame this water source for India and Bangladesh. These countries have expressed their fears about the violation of their right to water in accordance with international conventions and treaties. But China has assured that there will be no violation of the countries’ water rights. Let’s hope that the guarantee is not just false propaganda and the glory of this mighty river is not violated.

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