Mind Blowing Places You Cannot Afford To Miss When Vacationing In Maldives

Mind Blowing Places You Cannot Afford To Miss When Vacationing In Maldives

Your hard work and efforts have paid off and you have finally decided to book your long awaited vacation to Maldives. Hearing the name Maldives makes you think of pristine blue beaches and sunny weather. Well, there is more to Maldives than beaches.

Historic and Religious Places to Visit in Maldives

If you like exploring castles, palaces or mansions, then you might want to take a look at Utheemu Ganduvaru. This is a small palace that belonged to Mohammed Thakurufaanu, a Maldivian national hero.

Another great tourist attraction that you might not want to miss out on would be the Grand Friday Mosque. This mosque is situated in Male and is the largest mosque in Maldives. Travelling to Male by boat, you can see the golden dome of the mosque glinting in the sun.

The mosque has visiting hours, following which the mosque remains closed for tourists for prayers. You can even visit Muliaage which is the official residence of the Maldives President and located close to the Friday Mosque.

The Hukuru Miskiiy, popularly known as the Old Friday mosque is said to be one of the ancient mosques in Maldives. The structure of this mosque is carved from coral stones with Quranic scripts chiselled into it. You might need to get permission from the Ministry of Islamic Affairs to visit this mosque.

The Hulhumale mosque is located at the Hulhumale border and is known for its massive golden dome and the capacity to accommodate 900 worshippers.

If you love museums, then you might definitely want to visit:

  • Maldives National Museum
  • National Art Gallery
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Diving Spots in Maldives

If you are looking for beach vacations in the Maldives which include extras like diving courses, then you might want to book with agencies that offer bespoke options; such as Only Exclusive Travel Maldives packages.The Banana reef and HP reef and Fish Head are one of the most popular diving sites in Maldives. So, get out your snorkelling gear and surround yourself with colourful aquatic lives and reef formations.

Fua Mulaku is one of the largest islands where the soil is considered to be fertile and houses the best fruits in the country. Other islands that might of interest would be Kudahuvadhoo

If you are a diving and snorkelling enthusiast, then you can stay at Biyadhoo Island Resort, Alimantha Islands or Sun Island Resort and Spa that houses a plethora of diving spots and water sports.

Other beaches that you might want to visit are:

  • Mirihi Islands
  • Nalaguraidhoo Beach

Fun Filled Activities to Do in Maldives

If you are looking for some fun and excitement, then you might want to look at Manta Point or Bluetribe Moofushi. Manta point is a great opportunity to scuba dive or snorkel with huge manta rays.

If lucky, then you can even get to see them fed and cleaned. Bluetribe Moofushi is a great spot for sport adventures. Here you can opt for windsurfing, surfing, boating and many more water sport activities.

So, make the most of your Maldives vacation by visiting them wonderful tourist attractions. Ensure that you click loads of photos and have a wonderful time with your loved ones.

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