Bhutan – Untouched Hidden Destination

Bhutan - Untouched Hidden Destination

There is a mystical land that lies at the end of Eastern Himalayas. Hidden deep in the falls of the mighty mountains for centuries this land has been isolated by geography untouched by the modern world. This is Bhutan the world last Buddhist kingdom, Land of Thunder Dragon. Bhutan lies between two giants of the world with India on the south and China on the north.

Capital city Of Bhutan is Thimphu and some more statistics you can see on Wikipedia or Wikitravel. Bhutan is a land of surprising contrast guided by a vision of Gross National Happiness. This hidden kingdom welcomes you to a journey of discovery. Come feel and experience the wonders of Bhutan.

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Bhutan – cultural unique country

This hidden kingdom welcomes you to discover his many secrets. Bhutan is a country of incredible natural beauty. The Bhutan is treasure of natural environment and look up on it as a source of all life. Forest covers more than 70 % of the country providing a home for the rich biodiversity of wild life, flora and fauna. This made Bhutan one of the world`s global spots for biodiversity. Here is the Heaven for the world`s endangered species and many more have just been discovered. Come experience the enchanting Himalayas, a world of natural sights and sounds.

Bhutan is one of the world`s smallest and most spectacularly beautiful countries. It`s one of the last places on the Earth with a living ancient culture. Feel the strong spirituality of secret places, secret practices and festivals and a secret way of life. It`s reflected in a unique art in architecture from the mighty fortresses or dzongs to the humble home.

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Bhutan has a rich cultural legacy. Meet the gracious people of a divers and fast changing society. Discover the pulls of an old Himalayan culture forgotten by the modern world, wisata bogor. The secret dances of a traditional way of life a culture that is mixing with a new. That leads you to a celebration of an ancient culture in modern times.

Adventures are waiting for you on the rivers and mighty mountain trails. Trekking will bring you through some of the highest passes and longest trails at the top of the world. Discover alpine flowers, medicinal plants, rafting on river and glacial lakes that only the privileged have seen.

Here is one of the Earth`s more extraordinary places. But don`t forget to visit this places: Paro Taktsang, Tashichho Dzong, Punakha Dzong, Rinpung Dzong, Drygyal Dzong, Kyichu Lhakhang, Gangteng Monastery, National Museum of Bhutan, Dechen Phodrang Monastery and for more information`s check on TripAdvisor or Lonelyplanet sites.

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