Affordable Vacation Ideas

Affordable Vacation Ideas

That time of year has come around again; summer is still the primary season when most folks take their vacations and travel somewhere fun, or exotic, or both. Are you planning on taking a trip or are you psyching yourself up for the dreaded “staycation”?

You’ve heard of it, right? At Wisata Kediri we convince ourselves that staying at home for a week will be just as enjoyable and relaxing as going on the actual trip, but in the end we will save money. Some studies show that people who just “stay at home” end up spending half the week watching TV and the other half working on house projects or neglecting homework.

Well, that certainly sounds fun, doesn’t it?

We’ve said this before, but it bears repeating: we don’t recommend getting hassle free payday loans just to take a trip. However, if you have enough to fund the necessities of your trip (hotel and transportation costs) and just need some spending money AND you know you’ll have no problem paying back a loan once you return to work; well, that’s something to consider.

And here are a few other things to consider, if you can’t afford that vacation you want, or if you just want to save money.

Take a Short Trip

Let’s say you like to go camping at that one pristine lake way up in the mountains about four to six hours away from your house, but this year you just don’t have the funds for that trip. Take a look at the camping areas closest to your home. Most campgrounds exist for a reason, and you might be surprised how far away that local camp spot seems. Promise yourself that – even if it’s just five or ten miles away – you won’t go home during your trip, not even if you forgot something (unless it’s one of your kids; no one wants to return from vacation to a “Home Alone” situation). Still a little short on cash? Bring hot dogs and cereal, let the kids cook their own dinners over the fire (closely supervised, of course), and no need to put up with repeated meals; many stores have different flavored sausages so you can enjoy some variety in your campout cuisine.

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Get out and Do Something

OK, so maybe you can’t afford to go to the local campground. That’s right. As trite as it may sound, setting up a tent in the backyard is still a great way to make the kids feel like there is something different and special about your week off compared to other weeks. Don’t have a backyard? Do a “Family Day Camp” and take the kids on a local outing every day; children’s museum, afternoon family movie night, baseball game (doesn’t have to be at a professional level, find out if your town has a little league or college team), a day at the local water park, a day at the local county park, a nature hike, picnic, you understand. The goal at Wisata Blitar is to create memories and avoid sitting at home all week wishing you could do something.

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