Sunchasers Travel Club -


Established 1985

Early History of Club

6/85 First formative meeting of members from Birch Acres to                investigate the possibility of starting a new club. A                 committee comprised of Bill and Ella Falconer, Jack and Gail          Davis and Arped and Helen Gergely were given the task of looking       for a new campground and requesting help from ASA (Now AANR).

  7/85 The fledgling group was called the Birch Acres Orphans (BAO).         Two progress reports were published by the committee proposing  that the BAO “A” and “B” volleyball teams be entered at the ESA Convention at Empire Haven and meet with ASA and ESA officials.   A defunct nearby NY campground, the Alps, was being looked at. 

  8/85 The BAO V-ball teams won the ESA convention championships. The   ASA and ESA officials would give provisional charter club status if a name could be decided on by the end of the convention. The  new club name was selected from a number of member’s ideas an    eventually they agreed on “The Sun Chasers Travel Club”. For their work, Bill and Ellie Mae were selected as the ASA   Club Certifying Officers.

  9/85 The ASA granted an official provisional charter on 9/5/1985.

The first edition of the Sun Chasers Times was published. A  survey to develop the short and long range plans for the club  was distributed. A statement was published declaring the travel  club to be an interim measure for members to continue their ASA  affiliation. It is to be a stepping stone to a landed charter         club when a new campground is found.


Bill end Ellie Falconer-

founders of SCTC






About Us:


Sunchasers Travel Club was founded in 1985, and we are currently celebrating our 30th year!  We are a "non-landed" nudist club. This means we do not have a specific club facility, but hold functions, house parties, and travel to many clubs and locations throughout New England.


We are made up of both couples and singles.  Members are accepted either by referral or following an interview process.  We expect our members to follow the following rules.


Code of Conduct



Contact Info:



Mailing Address: P.O. Box      , Easthampton, M




Club Officers Diana and Dick for 2015



Nov 14 -Diana and Dick present Bill Falconer with a thank you memory matte signed by many club members. Bill is now retired after running the club for 30 years!. Thank you Bill for your dedicated service.


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